Mourning Moments…

By: prernaprasad

Feb 04 2010


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Mona Lisa after being gang raped by her lover and his friends was brutally thrown on the railway platform. The incident muddled her mind forever. The trauma haunts her so much that now she can neither talk nor have foods or sleep properly. The pinch of the marks on her body frightens her from taking bath.
This is not just the life history of Mona but also of several other young girls who countenance similar circumstances. What is this chakkar of LOVE? It diverts your mind from important matters and takes you to a new world where you forget your own identity and start seeing yourself as a spouse of your girlfriend/boyfriend.
However, this does not mean that people should evade from falling in love. But please do not follow the ongoing trend of keeping boyfriends and be a part of the cattle crowd.
Mona hailed from an educated family. She was doing her M.Sc Physics from a reputed university when suddenly a boy entered her life and tangled it forever. He snarled her in his sham love and deceived so badly that now she does not have any one even to console her.
Mona Lisa is now searching for solace in Swadhar Shelter home. But documentary makers keep scuffing her painful past. How good it would have been if the terrifying chronicle would not have entered her simple life?
Mona’s ill-fate is a Red alert for all teenagers who are crazy to maintain multiple boyfriends. Meet Mona once and you would crave to cry in agony!